Privacy Policy
Last Updated: October 1, 2019

    AGREEMENT AND PARTIES DrySplash international Waterless
    carwash Services. (“DRYSPLASH”, “Company,” “us,” or “we”)
    respects the privacy of the visitors to and users of the
    DRYSPALSH Application (“Application)will be available on the
    Apple, Inc. platform or Store, the Google Android platform of
    Google Play and the DrySplash website with the
    URL (“website” or “site”). This privacy
    policy (“privacy policy” or “policy”) is an agreement
    between DrySplash international Waterless carwash
    Services. and you, as the user of the Application or the website
    (“you”). This agreement tells you when this policy is effective,
    what information we collect from you, how we might use it, how
    you can review or change the personal information you provided
    to us, how we may change this policy, and the steps we take to
    ensure that your personal information is protected.
    AGREEMENT TO TERMS. All activities in which you may engage
    through the Application or on this website are voluntary. You are
    not required to provide any personal information to us unless you
    choose to access features on the Application or the site which
    require the information. If you do not agree with the terms of this
    policy or other terms of use on this website, then you should
    immediately exit the Application or website and discontinue using
    the Application and site. If you do not agree with the terms of our
    privacy policy and our terms of use posted at please do not provide us with
    personal information, and leave the Application or website. The
    terms of use of the Application or the website are expressly
    incorporated herein by reference and made a part of this policy.
    By using the Application or website, you signify that you agree to
    the terms of this privacy policy as well as to our terms of use.
    EFFECTIVE DATES. This privacy policy is effective as
    of September 27, 2019, and will remain in effect except with
    respect to any of its provisions that are changed in the future, in
    which case the changes will become effective on the date they
    are posted through the Application or on the website or we
    otherwise notify you of the changes. We reserve the right to
    change this privacy policy at any time. Changes, modifications,
    additions, or deletions will be effective immediately on their
    posting to this site. You should check this policy periodically as its
    terms may change from time to time. Your continued use of the
    Application and website after we post any such modifications will
    constitute your acknowledgment of the modified policy and your
    agreement to abide and be bound by the modified policy. We will
    also revise the “last updated” date found at the beginning of this
    privacy policy when we post changes to it.
    DISCLAIMERS. The privacy policy does not extend to anything
    that is inherent in the operation of the Internet, and therefore
    beyond the Company’s control, and is not to be applied in any
    manner contrary to applicable law or governmental regulation.
    This online privacy policy only applies to information collected
    through the Application or website. This privacy policy does not
    apply to any information we may collect from you in any place
    other than the Application and this website.
    certain information referred to on this site as “personal
    information,” which includes information that pertains to your
    identity. Such information may include, but is not limited to, items
    such as your name, address, date of birth, age, gender, e-mail
    address, telephone number, or credit card or debit card number.
    You may be required to provide personal information to access or
    use certain parts of our website or features of the site. If you do
    not provide the requested personal information, you may not be
    able to access or use the features of the site where such
    information is requested.
    instances in which we collect information from you that is more
    general in nature (“general information”). Such information may
    include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which enables us to
    identify your computer or device on a Transmission Control
    Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network, which includes the
    World Wide Web. Your computer has an IP address, which is
    required in order for you to communicate with others via the
    Internet. Such general information, including the clickstream data
    and cookies, as mentioned below, may be collected from you
    whenever you access the site, whether or not you provide us with
    any other personal information.
    A set of website features may be accessible from web-enabled
    mobile devices. The intent is to provide screens that are
    optimized for the size of the screen and operating systems. On
    some devices, the functionality may be limited. If you access this
    website through a mobile device, then we may collect information
    about your mobile device whether or not you provide us with any
    other personal information.
    6.1. Your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act of
    2018 (CCPA):
    You have the right to know what categories and specific pieces of
    personal information is collected about you. As such, you may
    submit a verifiable consumer request via the following methods:
    send an e-mail to or write Attn: Privacy
    Compliance Officer, 850 South Curson Ave, Los Angeles
    California 90036.
    You have the right to know what personal information is sold,
    shared, or disclosed with third parties. You may submit a verifiable
    consumer request via the following methods: send an e-mail
    to or write Attn: Privacy Compliance
    Officer,850 South Curson Ave, Los Angeles California 90036.
    You have the right to opt-out of the sale of your personal
    information. You may opt-out by visiting this link “Do Not Sell
    My Personal Information” and following the directions.
    Subject to statutory exclusions, you have the right to request that
    we delete the personal information that we have collected about
    you. You may submit a request for deletion via the following
    methods: send an e-mail to or write Attn:
    Privacy Compliance Officer, 850 South Curson Ave, Los Angeles
    California 90036.
    If you exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy
    Act of 2018 (CCPA), you have the right to not be discriminated
    6.2. Click Stream Data
    When you use our Application or visit our website we may also
    collect “clickstream data” (server address, domain name). This
    information can be combined with information you have provided
    to us by registering, for example, which will enable us to analyze
    and better customize your use of the Application or visits to our
    website. We may use clickstream data for traffic analysis or e-commerce analysis of our Application or website, to determine
    which features of the Application or our site are most or least
    effective or useful to you.
    6.3. Cookies
    We may also use cookies to gather information about our
    Application or your visits to our website and enhance your
    experience. More information on how we use cookies is available
    in Section 11.
    6.4. How We Respond to “Do Not Track” Disclosures
    We are strongly committed to not sharing personal information
    with third parties. Under this Privacy Policy, we may share your
    information only under particular situations, as described in this
    Policy. Because we protect all users in this manner, we do not
    change our behavior in response to an application’s, a device’s or
    a web browser’s “do not track” signal.
    6.5. Use of Social Media Tools
    The Application and website allow you to use your social media
    accounts to pre-populate certain fields. If you choose to use this
    feature, you are allowing us to access your personal
    information from the social media account(s). We encourage you
    to review the privacy policy and any terms and conditions for the
    social media platform you select.
    USE OF GENERAL INFORMATION. We will primarily use the
    the personal information you provide and any general information we
    receive from you to provide products and services to you,
    including, but not limited to, the following:
  7. To administer a content promotion surveyor
    the application or site and to provide to you requested
    and relevant products or services (for example, to
    deliver a prize you may have won in a contest).
  8. To send you information or materials via e-mail about
    products, offers, and news we think might interest you.
    This information may relate to products, offers, and
    news of DrySplash’s Application, website, and Company
    events and promotions or its licensees or selected
    commercial partners. We send you this only if you have
    double-opted-in to receive e-mails from MobileWash. If
    you no longer wish to receive any e-mails from us, or if
    you want to modify your personal data or want your
    personal data to be deleted from our database, see
    Section 12.
  9. To analyze your use of the Application and visits to the
    website and to learn about the interests of our visitors in
    aggregate and also on a personal level to better
    understand your interests and needs, so we can
    improve our products and services and deliver to you
    the type of content, features, and promotions that most
    interest you.
    8.1. Security Measures
    In order to protect both the personal information and the general
    information that we receive from you through our Application and
    website, we have implemented various security measures,
    including payment encryption, fraud detection, software
    monitoring, and other security measures.
    8.2. Risk of Interception
    Please keep in mind, however, that whenever you give out
    personal information online or through any smart-device
    application there is a risk that third parties may intercept and use
    that information. While DrySplash, in conjunction with its smart device platform and internet service providers and to protect your
    personal information and privacy, we cannot guarantee the
    security of any information you disclose online or through the
    By using the Application and website, you expressly acknowledge
    and agree that we do not guarantee the security of any data
    provided to or received by us through the Application or the web
    the site and that any personal information, general information, or
    other data or information received from you through the
    Application or site is provided to us at your own risk, which you
    expressly assume.
    9.1 Registration Declined
    DrySplash’s Application and website are only intended for the use
    by persons who are 18 years or older.
    The personal registration information submitted by a person under the
    age of 18 will not be accepted. Any general information provided
    by a person under the age of 18 and gathered (for
    example, through the use of cookies) during his, she, or ours visit
    may be used as indicated in this policy (see Section
    6). DrySplash is committed to protecting the privacy of children
    and has no intention of collecting personal data from children
    under the age of 18. We encourage parents and guardians of
    children under 18 to regularly check and monitor their children’s
    use of e-mail and other activities online.
    9.2. Notice Concerning Children
    PLEASE NOTE: We are a general audience Application and site
    and do not direct any of our content specifically at children under
    13 years of age or any user that does not have a car. We
    understand and are committed to respecting the sensitive nature
    of children’s privacy online. If we learn or have reason to suspect
    that a Site user is under age 13, we will promptly delete any
    personal information in that user’s account.
    10.1. Sharing Information With Persons or Entities Who Manage
    This Website
    DrySplash’s Application and website can be accessed and viewed
    by global and local websites and personal information and
    general information collected are managed and controlled by
    DrySplash’s internet manager and ISP. For more information,
    please email
    The servers that make DrySplash’s Application and global and
    local websites available are stored securely. For more
    information, please email   If you are
    located outside this location, please note that the data and
    information you provide will be transferred to the internet manager
    of MobileWash and by submitting the information you authorize
    this transfer. Please email for more
    10.2. Disclosing Information to Third Parties
    then to the companies working with DrySplash to provide an
    online marketplace for the posting and acquisition of
    auto detailing services and except as described in this policy, we
    do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal information
    or general information to third parties without informing you in
    advance. We provide some of our services through contractual
    arrangements with affiliates, services providers, partners and
    other third parties (collectively, “service partners”). Our service
    partners may use your personal information to operate the
    functions and services on our Application and website and to
    deliver that opportunity for services. For example, your data may
    be transferred to a website hosting and service partner and other
    parties who assist us in designing and operating the website,
    executing services (such as for prize fulfillment), or helping us
    analyze collected data. These parties will only use your data for
    the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Application and
    website as agreed with DrySplash and will be required to keep the
    information confidential. We will encourage our service partners to
    adopt and post privacy policies. However, the use of your
    personal information by our service partners is governed by the
    privacy policies of those service partners and is not subject to our
    control. Please also see Paragraph 6.4 on how we will respond to
    “do not track” signals.
    10.2.1. Categories of Data Collected
    Non-public personally identifiable information (“Information”) is
    information that identifies you and is not available to the general
    public. The following sections tell you more about how and when
    we collect your information.
    During the Application set-up, use of the Application or
    registration through the website, or appointment and
    payment handling processes you may give us Information such as
    • name
    • personal address,
    • address of the location at which services will be provided
    • phone number
    • email address
    • Credit Card information, including provider (Visa, Master
    Card, Discover, American
    Express), card number, security code, and billing
    If you gave us your email address, DrySplash may use it from
    time to time to notify you of such things as new services, special
    offers, or to confirm transactions. You can log in to your
    account within the MobileWash application under your profile in
    the menu tab to update your email preferences.
    Information About Your Transactions
    We may collect information about your transactions and
    experiences with us and others, such as your payment
    history, location for services, vehicles, and changes to your service
    10.2.2. Categories of Data Shared or Disclosed With Third
    We may receive information about you from consumer reporting
    agencies, which provide us with motor vehicle reports, claim
    reports, and/or credit information where permitted by law. When
    you set-up an account in the Application or on the website to
    deliver or receive services from DrySplash’s independent service
    providers, we may obtain credit information if permitted by
    applicable state law.
    The service providers who perform auto-detailing services and
    our Application and website managing personnel and service
    providers do not have access to the details of your credit
    information, unless it is necessary to perform a particular task, like
    respond to a fraud claim. Other companies who view your credit
    report will not see a DrySplash inquiry. It will be visible only to
    you. Our inquiry will not affect your credit score or credit rating.
    10.2.3. Categories of Third Parties With Whom Data Is Shared or
    Disclosed and Purpose of the Sharing or Disclosure
    Information about our Application users or former customers will
    only be disclosed as permitted or required by law. Information
    about you that has been collected is maintained in your account
    and transaction records.
    We use this information to process and service your requests to
    post demand for auto-detailing services, to pay for those
    services; to settle disputes with your consent; or
    as otherwise directed by you. We may also disclose it to persons
    or organizations as necessary to perform transactions you
    request or authorize. Information about our former customers and
    about individuals who have posted and received the fulfillment of
    those requests from auto-detailing service providers are
    safeguarded to the same extent as information about our
    current users.
    10.2.4. Categories of Data Sold
    MobileWash, Inc. does not sell personal user data.
    10.2.5. Categories of Third Parties to Whom Data Is Sold and the
    Purpose of Such Sale
    MobileWash, Inc. does not sell personal user data.
    10.3. Security and Confidentiality
    CONFIDENTIALITY We restrict access to your Information to
    employees who we have determined need it in order to provide
    the Application and it’s auto detailing requests and payment
    services to you. We train our employees to safeguard customer
    information and we require them to sign confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.
    RELEASE OF INFORMATION. DrySplash will release personal or
    general information without your consent for security purposes,
    when required by law, or to prevent imminent harm to any person
    or entity. We will disclose personal or general information upon
    receipt of a court order or subpoena, or to cooperate with a law
    enforcement investigation, which may include responding to
    requests and court orders from jurisdictions outside the United
    States. We fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in
    identifying, lawfully, those who use our services for illegal
    activities. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement
    agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be
    unlawful, as determined in our sole discretion. Release of your
    personal data for security purposes, as described in this
    agreement to any person or entity under any circumstances shall
    be based on a determination made solely by us, exercising our
    own discretion, permission for which is expressly granted by you
    to us in accordance with this policy.
    10.4. Links to Third Parties
    PURPOSE OF LINKS. For your convenience and to improve
    the usage of the Application and website we may insert links to third
    parties on the Application or on our website. This privacy policy
    does not apply to such third party websites. These links take you
    outside our Application or service and out of the Application or off
    of DrySplash’s site and are beyond our control. This includes links
    from partners that may use DrySplash’s service marks, logos or
    promotional material as part of a co-branding agreement. The
    sites those links can take you to have their own separate privacy
    policy and although we seek to protect the integrity of our
    site, DrySplash and its non-linked services provider(s) are not
    liable for the content and activities of those independent sites.
    Your use of the Application and visits and access
    to linked websites is at your own risk. Please note that those other
    sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data, or solicit
    personal information.
    COOKIES. A cookie is a small string of information that the
    website you visit transfers to your smart device or computer for
    identification purposes. Cookies can be used to follow your
    activity in the Application or on the website and that information
    helps us to understand your preferences and improve
    your Application and website experience. Cookies are also used
    for such activities as remembering your user name and password
    if you use such a feature on the Application or website. You can
    turn off all cookies, in case you prefer not to receive them. You
    can also have your smart device or computer warn you whenever
    cookies are being used. For both options, you have to adjust
    your smart-device or browser settings (such as Apple,
    Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or
    other platform or browser). There are also software products
    available that can manage cookies for you. Please be aware,
    however, that when you choose to reject cookies, this choice may
    limit the functionality of the Application or website you visit and
    you may lose access to some of its features.
    CHANGING YOUR INFORMATION. You may cancel your
    registration or account at any time and you may opt-out of
    receiving any e-mails from DrySplash.
    12.1. Right to Opt-Out of the Sale of Personal Information
    You have the right to opt-out of the sale of your personal
    information. You may opt-out by visiting this link “Do Not Sell My
    Personal Information” and following the directions.
    12.2. Right to Request Deletion of Personal Information
    Subject to statutory exclusions, you have the right to request that
    we delete the personal information that we have collected about
    you. You may submit a request for deletion via the following
    12.3. Update Your Contact Information
    We encourage you to update promptly your contact and personal
    information when it changes.
    You have the right to review the recorded information you
    contained in our files. If you have any questions about what
    information we may have on file, please write us at the address at
    the end of this notice. We will need your complete name, address
    , and all account numbers under which you post and receive auto detailing services. Inform us what information you would like to
    receive. We will also need your home and office telephone
    numbers so that we can get in touch with you should it be
    necessary. Unless otherwise provided or allowed by law, within 30
    business days of receipt of your request or no later than 45 days,
    we will inform you of the nature of that recorded information and
    identify the persons or organizations to whom we have disclosed
    this information in the preceding two years. We will also give you
    the name and address of any consumer reporting agency that
    prepared a report about you so that you can contact them to get a
    copy of that report. You may either see and copy your information
    in person or we will mail you a copy of your information.
    We are not required to give you access to information collected in
    evaluating a claim or dispute between Application or website
    users, service providers and recipients associated with an
    account or when the possibility of a lawsuit exists. Any information
    you request that is in the coded form will be translated into plain
    language and provided in written form. We may charge a
    reasonable fee to cover our costs incurred in providing a copy of
    our recorded personal information to you.
    If, after reading the information in your file, you believe it is
    incorrect, please notify us in writing. Tell us what is inaccurate and
    why. You have the right to request that we correct, amend or
    delete information that you believe is incorrect.
    Upon receiving your follow-up explanation or request, we will,
    within thirty business days, reinvestigate the information you think
    is incorrect. If we agree with you, we will notify you and make the
    necessary corrections, amendments or deletions and also notify
    anyone you specify who may have received such information
    within the past two years. We will also notify any organization that
    supplied the information to us. Service providers to whom we
    systematically reveal information will also be informed of the
    If we do not agree to make the correction, amendment or deletion,
    we will notify you and tell you our reason. You may then file with
    us a brief statement setting forth what you believe to be the
    correct, relevant or fair information and why you disagree with our
    decision not to correct, amend or delete the original information.
    Your statement will become a permanent part of our file and will
    be made part of any future disclosure of the original information.
    In addition, copies of your statement will be sent to any person
    or service provider to whom the original information was
    CONTACT INFORMATION. If you have any questions or
    comments relating to our Application, the website or the privacy
    policy, send an e-mail to or write Attn:
    Privacy Compliance Officer, 850 South Curson Avenue, Los
    Angeles California, 90036