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About Us

Dry Splash is a National water-less car wash service dedicated to providing value to luxury communities by helping apartment complexes management to save time, water and precious natural resources.


A Few Words About Us

In today’s busy commuter life, we search for services that will make our days less hectic. Often, we’re faced with convenient choices that, while easing our time burdens, create more waste and are not as environmentally friendly. Our insane work and family schedules, utility water restrictions, and environmental concerns make something as simple as a “car wash” a dilemma of time management and social consciousness.

The DRY SPLASH Waterless Car Wash Service is a new and simple way for you to experience the convenience of a weekly car wash without the hassle of finding time in your busy schedule to go and get it done.
With DRY SPLASH Waterless Car Wash Service, WE come to YOU.  
AND it’s waterless, so it’s friendly for the environment. Our patented cleaning system easily removes a week’s worth of road grime, leaving your vehicle fresh, clean, and stylin’! You come out to a shining finish that makes you look like a million bucks as you drive around the city!
How much is your time worth? For less than what it would cost to schedule out the thirty minutes (drive time included) to GO to the car wash and pay for a “mid-grade” service every week, you can have a crew HAND WASH your vehicle while it sits at your home or place of work.

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