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Dry Splash

You take care of your life... DRYSPLASH takes care of the details.

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Dry Splash is a National waterless car wash service dedicated to providing value to luxury communities by helping apartment complexes management to save time, water and precious natural resources.

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One monthly payment and you get four waterless carwashes a month.


Dry Splash is a National Waterless Carwash Service dedicated to providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly, luxury experience. Our goal is to help residents save their precious time while simultaneously including them in the fight and contribution to a future of environmental efficiency. Our core values begin and end with customer satisfaction at the forefront. We provide a quick and seamless user experience with timely, outstanding customer service. Our company is committed to innovating and providing the best ecological solutions available. Say goodbye to traveling to inconvenient locations, waiting in lines, & subpar car washes that can potentially damage your vehicle. Our service will fully clean and detail your vehicle in its own parking space. We guarantee a fully insured, quiet, clean, efficient service that leaves your vehicle spotless as well as maintaining the integrity of its condition. Our team consists of carefully selected, highly motivated individuals that are dedicated to excellent service.

  • One Wash Per Week

  • Hassle-Free, Contactless Service

  • Fully Insured Service

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Our Services

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Our body cleaner features the newest nano technology you can find in a car cleaning system. This technology makes it possible for us to completely wash and detail your car without the use of water. Our formula is designed to capture and lift dirt away with a seamless wipe. Most importantly our eco-friendly formula is biodegradable, and provides superior protection against dirt, UV rays, acid rain, and dust. Designed for exterior surfaces of all types of vehicles and can be used on stainless steel and enameled metals.

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Liquid Shine is the newest generation in liquid wax made to restore the original sheen to your vehicle’s paint. Our Liquid shine removes light, and pollutants while coating the vehicle in a soft protective layer. Formulated with high-tech polymers and carnauba wax, Liquid shine protects all vehicles from harmful UV rays while keeping the painted surface intact.

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Our glass cleaner features the most superior formula on the market. Designed to fight dust, insect residue, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. Free of ammonia and other harmful dyes our formula removes spots on mirrors, windows, rims, chrome surfaces, and tailpipes seamlessly without requiring any rinsing while leaving no streaks.

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Our Wheel & Tire Cleaner is designed to cut through the heaviest dirt and grime off of fenders, tires, & calipers. Our formula is free of solvents and 100% biodegradable.

Dry Splash

DRY SPLASH is unique service that fulfills the concept of a waterless, eco-friendly, car wash operation to perfection. Our customer first mindset and commitment to a luxury style amenity makes it easy for us to seamlessly provide streamlined service like no other. DRY SPLASH serves to provide a complete experience that allows you to handle your day-to-day tasks and never have to think about getting your car cleaned again. We believe our time is our greatest asset and value our customers as well. Take a rest & relax while Dry Splash takes care of the details.





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